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Complete your tour with one of these activities close to Pamplona:


- Baines Licourhouse: only 10 minutes from Pamplona you will visit one of our most famous licour houses. Come to meet the place, how they make wines and licours and of course... try them!


1/ Pamplona Walking Tour + Licourhouse visit + 2 Pacharan tastings: 30€ each

​2/ Pamplona Walking Tour + Licourhouse visit + Professional tasting of 5 Pacharan with the winemaker: 40€ each

3/ Pamplona Walking Tour + Licourhouse visit + 2 Pacharan tastings + tapas: 45€ each

4/ Pamplona Walking Tour + Licourhouse visit + Lunch or dinner: 75€ each

5/ Pamplona Walking Tour + Licourhouse visit + Professional tasting + Lunch or dinner: 85€ each



- Nekeas Winehouse: at 30' from Pamplona, this familiar winehouse offers you a traditional way to produce wine and they have their own oil fields so you can try it as well.


1/ Pamplona Walking Tour + 1'5 hours tour to the winehouse + 1 wine tasting + 1 oil tasting + 1 tapa of txistorra (typical Navarra): 35€ each 

2/ Pamplona Walking Tour + 2 hours tour to the winehouse and vineyard + 2 wine tasting + 2 oil tasting + Txistorra and Idiazabal cheese: 40€ each

3/ Pamplona Walking Tour + Winehouse visit + Proffesional tasting of 3 wines + Txistorra: 45€/each

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Pamplona is not only about the bulls. Come and discover the "other" Pamplona by the hand of a local guide.


Why Pamplona? What about the Walls? And the origin of the Festival?


You'll walk into the Old Town knowing how Pamplona was born, its evolution and discovering the old disappeared neighborhoods. 


You'll learn about our Festival and our most famous tradition, the running of the bulls, walking (running is not needed) its 825 meters and stopping at the most special points: the Saint, the Town Hall, Estafeta St...


Moreover, we give you the chance of visit the jewel of Pamplona, arquitechturally speaking, the Cathedral, including a guided tour inside.


Last but not least... we can't forget our gastronomy and traditions:


Learn about our typical drink, Pacharán. What is it? How is it done? How many kinds are there? And of course... ¡taste it! and then... dress up in our typical red & whote clothes and take as many pictures as you want with 6 authentic bulls!


Welcome gift is included. Come and enjoy it!

Choose one of our tours or ask for make your own


A different way to enjoy Pamplona!


Navarra is land of wines and tapas but, sometimes, mixing with the crowd in a bar it's not enough to enjoy our wines.


Relax, in a confidence group and following the advices of a winemaker. That's how we do it!


We offer you a walking tour through the city before doing a wine tasting. A proffesional winemaker will be leading the group and teaching how to taste 2 wines and our typical licour Pacharán, with 2 tapas and a desert.


A 100% Navarra experience!


Minimum 10 pax.

Price: 30€ groups +10 p. / 35€ groups -10 p.


Pamplona - 3 hours Walking Tour : 20€ each



Walking tour though the Old Town of Pamplona and the running of the bulls.

Know and taste our typical drink: Pacharán.

Dress up in red & white clothes and take pictures with the bulls.

Typical Souvenir.


Expand your tour with a visit to the Citadel, Taconera's park and Saint Fermin's Chapel for 5€ more.



Pamplona -  4 hours Cultural Tour: 25€ each



Walking tour through the Old Town of Pamplona and the running of the bulls.

Pass and guided tour into the Cathedral.

Climb to the Tower to watch the views (only in the morning).

Know and taste about our typical drink: Pacharán.

Dress up in white & red clothes and take pictures with the bulls.

Typical Souvenir.


Do you want to take the T-shirt as a souvenir? No problem! Choose the one you prefer for you or your kids and take it home for 5€.

Wine & Pacharán tastings


Do you still have any doubt? Text us and you will be answered immediately!


Email: visitasguiadaspamplona@gmail.com

Phone: 609807115

Pamplona by Segway & Qugo!


​If you don't like to walk or you are looking for a completeley different tour... that's for you!


Starting at the fields of the Cotadel, where you will have time to practice and learn about how to drive these kind of vehicles properly, always with a local guide leading the tour, we will go on route through the "Green Pamplona", riding Taconera's Park, the River side, the Walls... before going into the Old Town where we will ride the running of the bulls and the most important places in Pamplona: The Cathedral, the Castle's Square, Fueros' monument...


You choose your vehicle: segway, qugo or trycicle (perfect for carrying kids)

Time: 2'5 hours aprox.

Price: 25€/each

You can't go on Tour through Pamplona without take your time stop in one (or two, or three) of the bars at the Old Town to eat a typical tapa with a good red wine.


We have chosen this 4 stops on your 3 hours walking tour!:


1st STOP: Mercaderes Street - Choose an Inurrieta Navarran wine (red, rosé or white) and a tapa from the bar.


2nd STOP: Estafeta Street - Taste our traditional cyder and grilled beef tapa.


3rd STOP: Estafeta Street - Pacharán (licour made here) tasting and traditional Navarra product... ¡Surprise!


4th STOP: Telefónica Street - Handmade beer made in Navarra and iberic ham sandwich.

If you have to drive... choose another tour!

Price: 30€/each