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Enjoy Pamplona

Tours during St. Fermin's Festival

The only condition to enjoy our Festival is doing what people from Pamplona do.


To be one more during the Festival is quite easy: dress up properly and be ready to enjoy.

To achieve this goal, Enjoy Pamplona helps you giving the chance to choose one of our tours:

Tours about the running of the bulls, tasting tours, St.Fermin's tour...


Here you have our schedule. Take yours and... ¡Viva San Fermín!


Option 1/ ¡Dress up like Pamplona's people do! ​This is your first duty once you reach Pamlona during the Festival. It seems an easy thing but wearing our china made red scarf is not enough to be one of us. Before the tour starts, we will go to a proffesional shop focused on St.Fermin's Festival to dress you up properly.

Choose your size of pants and t-shirt, a red belt and a red scarf... ¡And have fun!


Are you ready? Great! Next step... know the running of the bulls by the hand of a local guide who will show you the most interesting points of the race, where you will feel the nerves before the beginning of the race... We only miss the bulls!


Don't worry! We have a meeting with them!


You could take as pictures as you want with our special bulls. You choose if you prefer keep running or falling to the floor... funny pictures!!!


Pamplona Walking Tour + Red & White clothes + Pictures

Price: 50€ each 


Option 2/ Food Tour 100% Navarra: ​Pamplona is a city where eat & drink is more than a tradition.


Unfortunately, during the Festival, bars and pubs are crowded and is not confortable to go out to taste some tapas and wines with your close friends and family.


So we have been thinking on you and we are preparing, in reduced groups (no more than 20 people) a tasting os Navarran products... In a closed space in Estafeta!


Avoid crowded bars and noise, you don't need to fight to reach the bar to order... a quite place just for a friendly time. VIP tasting of Navarran products mixed with wines, vermouths and other licours.

Perfect to enjoy our gastronomy!


Everyday at 11:00h

Pamplona Walking Tour + VIP tasting in Estafeta Street

*Ask if you need to dress up before.

Price: 50€/each


Option 3/ A day with our "Peñas" (Official Associations): This associations are the soul of our Festival. With their own music bands, they give Pamplona an special colour. Get out of the bullfighting place with one of them is just... exciting! Do you dare?


After spend the whole morning sleeping, the afternoon is Peñas territory. Watching the different groups of friends reaching the bullfighting place, dancing their signals to the rythm of the music and carrying their cubes full of drinks with their clothes still cleaned is something spectacular that you can't see in other place.


We are going to wait for them close to the bullfighting place enjoying their music while you learn about this particlar tradition. Then, while everybody is inside enjoying their meals during bullfighting, we will take this quiet moment they leave behind them to do a walking tour throug the city, the festival and walk the running of the bulls, which ends again at the front door of the bullfighting place.


Only a few meters from the bullfighting place, in our famous Estafeta Street, you have a VIP PASS to one of our balconies, on the first floor, where you will enjoy our special and traditional meal:


- Pork loin in tomato sauce and red peppers.

- Dessert.

- Beer, Navarran wines and Pacharán.


Enjoy your space in a friendly ambience with no hurry. We will look for our chance to watch the Peñas coming out of the bullfighting place dancing and singing from our 1st floor balcony.


Everyday at 17:30h

Pamplona Walking Tour + Special Meal + balcony: 50€ each

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If you are coming to Pamplona between 6th to 14th July, there is no better way to enjoy the Festival than watching the running of the bulls at the front row and without risks!


Where are our balconies?


All our balconies and windows are in Estafeta Street.

Premium balcony at 1st floor: 100€ (only breakfast)

Standard balcony at 3rd floor: 120€ (special meal included)



What is included?


- Early check-in: You can feel the fear before the race, the cleaning of the street and how the runners prepare for it.

- Breakfast: Coffee, juice, milk and bakery.

- Direct Tv: You can follow the race from the beginning and watch it again once is over.

- Meet a runner: Once the race has finished, you'll meet an usual runner, who will explain you his feelings, how he trains for the race and how he has run that morning.

- Guided Tour: 1 hour tour by the hand of a local guide, discovering the origins of the festival, walking the 825 mts of the race and stopping at the most popular points.


Add an special and traditional brunch for 20€. 


How can I book?

- At this website in our section CONTACT.

- By phone: 609807115

- By mail: visitasguiadaspamplona@gmail.com

- On Facebook at our fan page ENJOY PAMPLONA.