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Pamplona is just the beginning... Enjoy Navarra!


                                                         These are some of our recommended tours. It is just and idea... 


                                                  Cheer up to create your own!




The Running of the Bulls


The most popular race in the world. 825 meters full of tradition, anecdotes and history. Who doesn't know this particular festival?

Roncesvalles, a mandatory tour.


Half day tour:


​In the middle of the Pyrenées we find Roncesvalles, a mandatory visit for history, art and nature lovers. (1)

​A frontier between France and Spain, Roncesvalles tells histories about battles, exhausted pilgrims in route to Santiago and kings who built hospitals, chapels, cloysters and fought defending Navarra.


Afer 50 minutes driving from Pamplona, we will visit the complex, the cloyster and the tomb of the King Sancho el Fuerte.

Moreover, a high qualified proffesional will open the Museum for us, showing in a particular visit some of the treasures of Navarra, ending the tour visiting Santiago's Church and the cript of Charlomagne.


Price: 55€/each




​- Local guide during the whole tour.

- Transport

- Pass and guided tour in Roncesvalles.



Baztán or Roncal: 2 valleys, your choice.


1 day tour (Baztán option):


​After have visited Roncesvalles, you have 2 options on our way back to Pamplona: Baztán and Roncal valleys.


If you choose the Baztan's way, we will continue to the North, crossing the French frontier to Saint Jean Pied de Port, where we will stop aproximately 1 hour to walk around this beautiful village crowned by the Citadel. (2)

After this stop, we will continue our route, back to Spain, reaching Zugarramurdi, misterious town where lot of witches were burned alive during Inquisition time.

Before going into the caves, we will take a menu at Meson Azketa, one of the best in the area and just 400 meters from the caves. Closed Menu.

After the meal, we will have free time to explore the caves (3). ​It is an easy way, without problem for kids and adults.


At the afternoon, going back to Pamplina, we will make our last stop at Elizondo (4), ​very famous village since Baztán's Trilogy, written by Dolores Redondo. At this fisherman's village, we will enjoy its arquitecture on a quite walking tour during 1 hour aproximately.

2 beautiful bridges make our route, ending at the main square, where you could buy typical chocolate and take your last drink of the day.


Price: 85€/each




- Local guide during the whole day.

- Transport

- Pass and guided tour in Roncesvalles.

- Pass to the Caves.

- Elizondo Waling Tour.

















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1 day tour (Roncal way):


​If you prefer Nature than villages, this should be your choice.

From Roncesvalles, we will take another route to the East of Navarra, reaching the second bigest beech forest of Europe: Irati. (5)


​After 45' driving, we will go into Irati's forest from Ochagavía, one of the two entrances, but the perfect one to make short routes into the forest. You could choose between 4-5 simple routes which take no more than 1 hour.


Take your time... Enjoy this paradise!


Ready to continue? Sure! And I bet you are quite hungry after this walk, so we will take the car to Roncal, the most famous village of the valley.


Here, we will eat a homemade Navarran menu at Hostal Zaltua, and we will have free time to explore the narrow streets os the town.


This valley is famous because of its cheese, the best in Navarra! But please... don't buy cheese at the town, we have a last surprise for you! On our way back to Pamplona, we will visit a cheese factory, where the owner will show you how they make the cheese and you could taste it before shopping. (6)


Price: 85€/each)




​- Local guide during the whole day.

- Transport

- Pass and guided tour in Roncesvalles.

- Cheese tasting.



Estella: land of wine.


Half day tour:


​"Estella the beauty, you can't see it until you are there.".

Following this proverb... are you going to miss it? Just 30 minutes from Pamplona driving on a highway, we find Estella (7), ​capital of this area.


Estella has lot of interesting points, so we invite you for a 1 hour walking tour where you could discover why it is called "The beauty".


Our tour begins at Saint Peter's church, which is located in the middle of a hill, and continues walking through tens of pilgrims, who are walking the Camino in the right way.


After few meters, we will find the spectacular door of the Saint Grave.


After that, we will back on our steps and doing an effort, we will cross the famous bridge of the city, the old jail bridge, and we will go into the Old Town of the city.


It is time to buy some typical sweet before go into the main place where, if the weather allows it, you can taste some good wine of this land and take a tapa.


Once you are recovered, we will go back in the highway a few kilometers to reach Puente la Reina. (8)

​A perfect example of street-town, built just for  Santiago's way. Thanks to it, the Queen ordered to build its famous bridge, where you could feel as authentic pilgrims.


We start the tour at the old pilgrims hospital, now rebuilt as a church, where you will find one of the two only crucifix in the world in a "Y" way, and you will know about its legend.

Later, we will walk the whole main street, narrow and charming, full of old shops where you can buy sticks and pilgrim's shells.

During this path, you could feel how the number of pilgrims multiplies... the reason is that here in Puente la Reina both ways (North and East) meet each other.


Santiago's church is a mandatory stop before reach the end of the street, where the famous bridge is waiting for you.

A ¿7 eyed? bridge (we will count them) where you could enjoy the views while you take as many pictures as you want.


As icing, your guide will show show how to find an access to the lowest part of the bridge to take one last and unforgetable picture.




Price: 50€/each




​- Local guide during the whole tour.

- Transport







1 day tour: Eunate's Mistery and Nekeas Winehouse


​If you have time to spend the whole day, we offer you this mix tour between mistery and gastronomy that you can't reject!


After a great meal in Puente la Reina, burguer menu with drink and coffee in one of the lot of bars in the Main Street, we will go into the harvest fields surrounding Pamplona.


Suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, Saint Mary of Eunate show up!

That's the mistery... (9)


There are lot of theories about the origins of this hermitage: it could be an old pilgrims' hospital, maybe a cemetery, an old mausoleum built for the queen or a lighthouse for the pilgrims... its 8 sides give the hermitage the idea of old templar times... no matter why, let your imagination fly.


This tour ends in a winehouse close to Pamplona, Nekeas.

It is an special winhouse because they elaborate they own wine, which have won the Prize of the Best Wine in Navarra, and they own oil!

You will visit the winehouse and of course... it is tasting time! (10)



Price: 85€/each




​- Local guide during the whole day.

- Transport

- Guided tour to the winehouse.

- Tasting of wine, oil and txistorra.



Sos del Rey Católico and Lumbier's Canyon.


Half day tour:


​If you don't have enough time, but you want to visit one of the most beautiful natural parts of Navarra, this is your tour.


1 hour driving from Pamplona, and at the frontier between Navarra and Aragón, we will visit the medieval town of Sos del Rey Católico (11). ​Despite this town is not part of Navarra, Sos is ideal to understand the battles against Aragon to keep the frontier.


Renamed "of king Catholic" because the birth of the king in Aragon land, asked by the Queen, Sos is a medieval town built around a fortress.


A walk into its narrow streets, car free area, is a total pleasure. Enjoy the calm of a town full of magic and history.


After this free tour, we will go back to the car and drive 30 minutes, we will reach a village called Lumbier, where the canyon is located.


This natural canyon, formed by the river, was an old path for the train and nowadays is one of the wonderful places of Navarra.

Pure Nature.

You will enjoy the views from the entrance of the canyon and then, we will go into it walking by the side of the river. A simple and short walk, through the first of the two tunnels that cross the canyon. (12)

At the middle of the path, we will stop to take some beautiful pictures of both sides of the canyon, the entrance and the exit, before going back through the tunnel to take the car back to Pamplona.​


Price: 55€/each




​- Local guide during the whole day.

- Transport



Leyre's Monastery and Javier's Castle.


1 day tour:


​​Unlike of the half day tour, having the whole day allow us to make these guided tours to 2 of the most important places in Navarra: Leyre and Javier.


We start the tour at the Monastery, where a proffesional guide will lead the tour. Located in a natural space, you could feel on your own skin the peace and clam that the monks, who still live here, feel everyday when they open their windows to the lake.


During this more than 1 hour tour, you will get into the cript, the fields of the monastery and the church, where the music of the organ will delight us before coming out for the main door, whose meaning will be told by the guide. (13)


After some time to rest, have a drink and go to the toilet, we will cross the highway to look for Javier's Castle.


Once again in the middle of the nature, in a place full of peace and calm, rises the Castle. Have a walk outside the castle and take some beautiful pictures, visit the church and the hermitage before a free tour into the castle.


No hurry. Take your time. You are in one of the best preserved Castle's of the medieval Navarra. Cross its narrow corridors, walk into the dinning room and the chapel and, highly recommended, climb to the main tower where you could feel the king of the castle.

Turn into a knight!


After this great tours, we will stop in Sangüesa, an street-town close to Javier, where you will have free time to eat a menu and to visit the church (Optional).


To end our fantastic day and to help our belly after the lunch, we will make our last stop at Lumbier's canyon. Free time to walk without hurry, you make the rythm.


Walk until ou want, the whole way, half way... it is your choice.

Then, we will be back to Pamplona.


Price: 85€/each




- Local guide during the whole tour.

- Transport.

- Pass and guided tour into the monastery.

- Pass into the castle.



The South, its vegetables and the Medieval Navarra.


1 day tour:


​Called "La Ribera" because is located at the side of the river Ebro, the south of Navarra is fruits and vegetables area. With Tudela as its capital, the south of Navarra leaves behing the mountains and hills from the north to open its fields for farming.


1 hour driving from Pamplona in a highway we will reach Tudela. Yes, and its famous buds of lettuce. There we have an organised route where we will cross the old jewish quartier, one of the most important in Spain, until we reach the Old Town.


If opened, we could visit a beautiful palace before loose ourselves into the narrow streets of the Old Town looking for the Cathedral and its final judgement door, the most important in Navarra. Speechless.

Inside, if opened, Saint Ana's chapel is waiting for you.


After the walking tour, for sure, you can't leave Tudela without know about its vegetables. We will visit the food market, where a farmer, Asier, (15) ​is going to tell you about our famous asparagus, artichokes, our "Ugly tomato" or other Navarran products. ¡Delicious!


As icing, you will have free time at the main square where you could taste a traditional veggie tapa in one of the terraces.


In this tour, we offer you 2 options to complete the morning: ​


Option 1: Local winehouse and Train Museum.


​Just 15 minutes from Tudela is waiting our next stop: the railway town of Castejón.


Castejón is a typical town in the South of Navarra, and here, you could know about 2 ways of life: wine and railway.


Nowadays lot of families of this town are living thanks to the railway because here is the knot of Spanish railway. You will visit the Museum about this important transport where you will feel yourself in those old ages when your parents or grandparents (or even yourselves) discoveres this industry.


Close to the Museum, we have an special stop at the town's winehouse, which has won the price of the best rosé in 2016. (16)

 Yes! it's almost lunch time and you are hungry! So after a fast visit to the winehouse, you are going to taste... 5 wines! (red, rosé, white, vermouth and moscatel).



Option 2: Ujué and his fortress-church


​​Aren't you a wine lover? Dn't worry! We have another option for you.


If you don't like wine, we invite you for a visit, almost 40' driving from Tudela, to the medieval town of Ujué. (17)


Located on a hill, this village was born around a church which turned into a fortress for defensive objectives. Leave your feet lead you into its narrow and high streets, not recommended is you have leg problems, until you climb to the highest point where you could visit the church.


After this free tour, we have booked an special menu at the bottom, our sheper menu.




No matter if you choose option 1 or 2, our final destiny is the same: The Royal Palace of Olite. (18)


The icing of our day tour is a guided tour to the Palace. Residence of the kings of Navarra, its visit will impress you.

Here you have all time you need to explore the castle after the visit. Why? Because this castle has 7 towers! Each one different. So take your time to climb as many times as you need to make a complete experience difficult to forget.





Price: 95€/each




- Local guide during the whole tour.

- Transport.

- Guided tour in Tudela.

- Pass to the railway museum.

- Visit to the winehouse and 5 wines tasting.

- Pass into the Royal Palace of Olite.