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Discover the most popular turistic points, then choose your tour.
· High qualified guides


Our local guides know every corner of the city and the will lead



you from the moment of your arrival to the end of the tour.



Their goal is you don't miss a detail of our streets and



monuments so you can know the origins of the city,



its development, history, gastronomy and traditions.



A funny tour in a very friendly ambience.


We will wait for you with our best smile!

· Small groups


Travelling alone?




Enjoy pamplona thinks everyone deserves the chance of


visitng the city by the hand of a local guide.



So... relax! We will prepare a tour for you... even if you are


alone! And moreover... we never make groups of more


than 10 people!




VIP tours for everyone!

· Ideal tours for big groups and enterprises.


We have special tours for groups on route in Navarra and special



activities to make working relationships stronger.



We adapt the tour to your timetable and interests, avoiding



climbing stairs if you have physical problems or visiting



special places for kids.




Send us your preferences and we will make your own tour.

· No hurry! You are on holidays...


No one loves visit a city running behind a guide who is


speaking at the same time so we never forget


you are on holidays... relax!



We have enough time to see that church which call your


atention, take another route to cross a park or stop to enjoy


a good red wine.




We book the whole morning or afternoon for you!

· The jewel of Pamplona


The jewel of Pamplona. Architecturally unique, 


this cathedral is the best preserved complex


of Europe. 



Are you going to miss it? Come in on a guided






Time: 30' - 40'.




Moreover, we give you the chance of climbing to


the North Tower.


(Previous booking. Depending on availability)



· Taste our gastronomy.


To visit a city is more than walk through the streets and


sightseeing its monuments.






Navarra is widely known because of its gastronomy and,


between all of our products, Pacharan is the most famous.





Because of that, in every tour, you wll know how we


brewed this licour, different types and of course...


you will taste it!

· Lots of fun!



Forget about traditional toursnfull of dates and names


that you will soon forget.



Enjoy Pamplona offers a different way to know this great


city which is much more than the famous running of


the bulls.



History, typical tapas, funny activities...



A whole experience in the best company!


Enjoy Pamplona Tours / UETC 0068 / visitasguiadaspamplona@gmail.com / phone: 609807115


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The Cathedral


The jewel of Pamplona. Architecturally unique, this cathedral is the best preserved complex of Europe. Are you going to miss it? Come in on a guided Tour!

· Guides on Tour.


Are you calling from a travel agency and do you want to


leave your group well attended? Call us!



Our guides will lead your group through the best places


and towns of Navarra looking for the best


routes and timetables to avoid queues and don't


miss a thing.




And as icing... we will search everything for you!


Bookings, tickets, menus...

· Private tours in Navarra.


Are you looking for a private tour? Sometimes we need


peace and relax out of big groups and we want to


make our own tour stopping where, when and how


long as we want.



Enjoy Pamplona offers a private car driven by a local


guide who will offer you a complete vision of our


region depending on your interests.



Have a look at "Tours in Navarra" at this website and if no


tour fix to you don't be worried...



Make your own!